Our Work

Awards winner, Chicks is an established brand in Hong Kong using innovative raw material in their product. Work focus on social media marketing.

BODW is Asia’s flagship event on design, innovation and brands; Fashion Asia Hong Kong is part of the fashion initiative as the Asian hub for fashion trade and business development.

POTO is a renown Broadway musical from UK with over 50 awards and 11’000 shows around the world. Our goals is to create awareness in Southern China and direct potential audience to the Hong Kong show.

Xiaohongshu (RED) is a lifestyle platform for young people, founded in Shanghai in 2013. It has over 100 million Monthly Active Users, 70% are post-90s in 2019.

From Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, ChangSha over 300 retails malls connection in whole of China.

Cross-border marketing requires more than usual marketing solution. Virtual marketing emphasis on using visual and innovative technology like AR/VR in business pitch with impact.

Red Line is one of the few digital agencies in China that understands how to strike a balance between Hong Kong and China market. The team is very helpful on every aspect. Within half a year, our Weibo fans have increased by 1,466% and our WeChat members have increased by 500%. Through online activities, Red Line has brought traffic flow to our offline shop and gave our sales team a chance to sell to new customers, bringing us additional sales revenue. It was truly a good experience and team to work with.

- Marketing Director, Chain Stores