The Phantom of the Opera


\ Cross-border Ticketing

The Phantom of the Opera

POTO is a renown Broadway musical from UK with over 50 awards and 11’000 shows around the world. Our goals is to create awareness in  Southern China and direct potential audience to the Hong Kong show.

Goals and Results

  • We are asked to create their social media in Southern China, Guangzhou and direct traffic to their Hong Kong show. As the show was known in a different name in China, we had to re-create awareness among fans as well as driving more traffic to their existing Weibo and start their WeChat account to contain fans.
  • There are also Key Opinion Leaders involvement to promote their shows, KOL with similar DNA fans that we want to connect with.
  • We also incorporated a ticketing drive close to opening of the show directing traffic to their ticketing page.
  • The Phantom online followers grew from below 2’000 to 56’000 and exposed to over 10 million readers within 5 months launch. A successful social media exercise for a niche brand


  • Social media push
  • Content Management
  • KOL word-of-mouth promotion
  • Online journals broadcast
Step 1
Identify brand’s niche vs. target consumers preferences.
Step 2
Identify right candidate and theme on the approach.
Step 3
Campaign launch emphasis of A&V to attract viewership.