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Cross-border marketing

Cross-border marketing requires more than usual marketing solution. Virtual marketing emphasis on using visual and innovative technology like AR/VR in business pitch with impact.

What to expect

Strategy focus on your goals and integrate your needs with the right visual structure to maximise results. Sometimes, a simple 3D video is sufficient, at other times, a 5G AR presentation is necessary to achieve results. Expectation management is important before work begins especially when it involves technology that might be new to clients. Setting proper expectation and providing details timeline is crucial to a successful outcome. Tailor made marketing solution that fulfils measurable ROI and pre-set goals. Regular reporting is important to monitor the results vs. forecast and adjust strategy to ensure maximising investment return.


  • Visual Marketing Solution
  • Social Media Marketing
  • KOL and KOC Strategy
  • Digital advertising
  • Electronic Press Release
  • Trade Engagement
Step 1
Evaluate your goals and integrate your operational needs to combine strategic solutions for maximum results.
Step 2
Outline the needs of your audience and select the most effect virtual marketing cost effective marketing solution.
Step 3
Create campaign with multiple channels from digital marketing to trade engagement for optimum results.