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Marketing is about generating leads and sales.

If your marketing channels fall under the 99% non-supported accounts that results to less than 1000 followers with non-responsive feeds, you are missing opportunities.

This is the way we help clients build a successful marketing strategy. Have a free brand assessment and gain insights on how you can turn your business around.

Your will be able to:

  • Better understand your market competition.
  • Align your strategy.
  • Unclutter potential obstacles.
  • Actualize your goal with action steps.
  • Get feedback from stakeholders.

At the workshop

We focus on market briefing, demand and trends, follow by market competition and entry strategy. The workshop helps team to explore and turn challenge to opportunity. Here are the workshop types:


This session is meant for those with plans to enter China and have drawn their marketing strategy. We are here to verify the strategy success rate by understanding market trends.


Present generation buyers depend on online information and comments to decide on a service, engagement with new contact. Cold calls have been replaced by digital footprints

Retail Pop-up

Trade and manufacturing are important to startup and China manufacturing pitfalls to take note. This is helpful for brands who wish to distribute locally
(in China).


Business culture cannot be comprehended through mere speaking the same language. It is an art to master the hidden meaning of a business culture.