Why work with Red Line Asia?

Red Line Asia is an unique digital marketing agency for China and Asia. We specialised in finding brand’s niche position and create solution that build brand’s value and business. Red Line believes in Consent Marketing that engages potential clients with results.

Who are we?

Red Line Asia started as an eCommerce affiliation channel in China and evolved to China social media marketing with innovative technology, Augmented Reality, partnership with +AR working through RINE.LiVE, a sister company in Singapore. Our core business is in establishing brands’ O2O presence with Consent Marketing Strategy for leads and sales.
B2B Digital Footprint


New economy no longer settles with massive exposures. Brand Economy takes over standard marketing strategy. Customers wish to to engage in their decision making with better understanding of their procurement process. A good story is the key in building brand’s market position.

KOL & PR Service

Social Media

Content comes in form of video, audio and written. The key is how engaging are we able to drive stakeholders or consumers towards the brand. Every stage of marketing needs the right set of marketing content to enhance its value. We find the right channel and words for your brand.

Social Media Marketing

Influencers Strategy

Word-of-mouth marketing is proven effective to build brand awareness and attract customers’ interest in product or services. The right combination of KOL KOC are crucial to influecers’ word-of-mouth campaign.

Ecommerce on Red & Wechat

B2B Network

Marketing is about leads and sales. Besides sales tools, brands will enjoy O2O trade network. The latter is vital for sustainable and long business relationship. We identify right partnership for our clients.

Retail Pop-Up Agency

E-Press Release

Never under estimate the value of Public Relations. Instead of traditional press release, we help brands tell their story to China market, build their profile as leader in the field, media events, awards and accreditations on major China e-Journals and specific industrial segments swiftly.