Why work with Red Line Asia?

Red Line Asia is an unique digital marketing agency for China and Asia. We specialised in finding brand’s niche position and create solution that build brand’s value and business. Red Line believes in Consent Marketing that engages potential clients with results.

Who are we?

Red Line Asia started as an eCommerce affiliation channel in China and evolved to China social media marketing with innovative technology, Augmented Reality, partnership with +AR working through RINE.LiVE, a sister company in Singapore. Our core business is in establishing brands’ O2O presence with Consent Marketing Strategy for leads and sales.
B2B Digital Footprint

B2B Digital Footprint

Build up trade network with quality contribution including webinar participation and content management.

  • Identify potential partner
  • Establish digital footprint to demonstrate brand value with search results
  • Create network opportunities with trade community
KOL & PR Service

KOL & PR Service

Word-of-mouth promotion through KOLs and eJournals public release are keys to establish brand awareness among target DNA audience.

  • Select influencers / KOLs for word-of-mouth promotion from vlog to live-streaming
  • Expand visibility through e-Journal PR like TouTiao
  • Coordinate influencers engagement
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

  • Identify potential partner
  • Brand storytelling build up on selected media
  • Align presence within customers’’ digital footprints
  • Select right platforms for brand value using RED, WeChat, DouYin
Ecommerce on Red & Wechat


Social commerce is a latest eCommerce solution that social media like RED, WeChat, DouYin drive all sharing combines with eCommerce links – the effective way to convert fans to customers.

  • Identify potential partner
  • Brand awareness on shopping site like RED
  • Portrait true brand value and official identity on WeChat
  • Establish eCommerce channel on RED and WeChat
  • Live-streaming retail on TaoBaoLive, RED and WeChat Campaign
Retail Pop-Up Agency

Retail Pop-Up

Online is effective, offline pop-up store is coming back after long distancing policy by government. China has opened up within the countries the enhance retail and travel business.

  • 300 retail pop-up points around China at key mall
  • A-list retailers, distributors and VIP customers for potential collaboration
  • Post-event strategy and execution for sustainability
Virtual Sales Solution

Virtual Marketing

Procurement and training have changed from face-to-face to online. Augmented reality technology is an effective tool to industry that specialists, trainer and sales personal could be presence or customers could not visit plant personally.

  • Specialists repair services from aviation to marine, medical, industrial solution
  • Training 24/7 without boundary
  • Live-demo for immediate product demo.