The Most Popular Fashion Trend in Asia

Korean fashion scene has moved like a speed racer in recent years. Thanks to good marketing campaign and the success of PSY, Samsung gadgets and Korean TV shows have further strengthen the industry.

What exactly is Korean fashion? Personally, there is no clear distinction between Western and Korean fashion. I could only say the latter carries a combination of Western style with more girlish touch. Korean fashion designers are not growing as successful as their garment industry. Most of the Korean fashion that people buy are unknown brands that do not carry distinct designers name nor style.

Despite that Korean fashion is so popular that we find them everywhere. These days, Korean wholesale clothing mushrooms in China, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan and many more places. What attracts the youngsters in buying Korean fashion? They are affordable and trendy.

If you were an importer, are you able to source and compete with prices? If you were brand owner, are you not tempted to include Korean style to meet demand?

Looks like Korean fashion is here to stay. Well, at least in Asia. How much has it affected your brand development direction? Will you move along or against this wave? This could be your next opportunity to grow too. Is it an opportunity or a threat? You decide.


Contributed by
Sarah MM, Founder and Director of Red Line – China Retail Help for Fashion and Lifestyle brands in market entry and brand development.