Asian style

The Most Popular Fashion Trend in Asia

Korean fashion scene has moved like a speed racer in recent years. Thanks to good marketing campaign and the success of PSY, Samsung gadgets and Korean TV shows have further

China marketing

7 almost FREE China Retail Market Entry Steps

Retail competitions have been very keen these days. Least to say, starting a retail business could be more challenging for designers and new brand owners. If you are looking at

China Online Shopping

Common buying steps of Online Shoppers in China

Though online shoppers behave pretty much the same everywhere, some of the practice Chinese shoppers take are worth noticing. China e-shoppers are growing to be more intelligent and well-informed. With

China Online Shopping

How to setup China e-shop quickly?

China has often been included in many fashion retailers’ global market expansion   plan. The players do not stop at retailers. Online shops like ASOS, net-a-porter, yoox and Amazon are making