New Generation Buying Patterns in 2023

Emerging technologies have given individuals and businesses greater control over their cyber space like never before. How can a brand build trust in this technology shift?

In the new digitised era, it can be challenging to identify the target audience for different businesses due to the constant changes of new marketing channels and trends . Generation Z, the youngest generation of all, is frequently confused with millennials (ages 25-35). 

As a result of growing up surrounded by digital technology, they do share some traits in common but they are not entirely the same. Looking at the shopping habits overall, this new and young generation discovers new products through social media, youtube ads and internet searches and they are more likely to research about the product or service online before purchase. 

| What Drives Gen Z Purchase Decisions in the Digital era?

  • Affordability
  • Brand Authenticity
  • Brand Transparency

| What Drives Millennials Purchase Decisions in the Digital era?

  • Peer recommendations
  • Brand Trust
  • Brand Transparency

Social media plays A BIG ROLE in the New Generation. Most believe it is very important for brands to share their values and by sharing values, brands can cultivate stronger relationships with their buyers while connecting with them. Hence, social media platforms play a growing role in customer’s journey. 

| What is going on?

When the New Gen buyers get on social media, they are constantly searching for answers to their questions. The ability to ask questions and receive immediate responses is so common in our time that it has become an expectation – like how we google up everything . As for brands, customer questions and the number of channels for asking them is growing constantly and in order to earn trust and a competitive edge, brands have to  determine how they should respond to them. 

| What can brands do?

🔎 Research

Find out what kinds of questions customers are currently asking in – and of – your industry.  Consider where buyers get information about your business or products and services. 

💬 Assure

Start providing buyers with more information and transparency! You must convey to your buyers that you want to ensure that they have confidence in making a purchase from you. 

🛠 Build

Take time to start building trust with your customers and communities with multiple layers of information. Prove your dedication to answering the ever-increasing questions of your customers about your products and services in ways that can be easily found. Make use of the collected research data  to learn as much as you can about the layers that each customer wants.