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As part of its marketing campaign, Grab has won the Bronze award in the APPIES Malaysia 2022 MARKETING Magazine category. This award recognises the company’s creative use of technology to engage consumers and provide them with a seamless e-commerce experience. Grab’s marketing campaign utilised a variety of digital channels such as mobile, web, and social media to reach out to its customers.

How did grab win MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Bronze winners of APPIES Malaysia 2022

The marketing strategy also included creating festive-themed promotions and discounts, focusing on timely delivery of products and services, introducing contactless payment options, and providing customers with 24/7 customer service. All these efforts paid off and Grab emerged as the winner in the category.Grab managed to stand out and differentiate itself from the competition by leveraging technology, running the HUATEVER Chinese New Year campaign.The team then created campaigns and content tailored to each platform, from YouTube to Instagram, and ran them simultaneously to maximise reach and engagement.

Overall, the Chinese New Year campaign was a resounding success where there is a good positioning of creative and strategic approach.which enabled the brand to stand out and grab consumer attention during the festive season.

Important Points: 

● Using Over-the-top acting (Grab attention)

Over-the-top acting can often grab viewers’ attention in advertisements. It is often used to emphasise a product’s features, create a humorous tone, or evoke an emotional response. Over-the-top acting can be used to create a memorable ad campaign that stands out from the competition and help to create an instantly recognizable brand image.

● Understanding Culture – Stereotyping used right (Relatability)

Advertisements that are more tailored to the specific needs, values, and interests of their target audience can be more relevant and relatable to the audience. Additionally, using stereotypes in a respectful and appropriate way can help to create an instant connection with viewers and make a campaign more successful and engaging.

● One stop place for everything – Convenience (Positioning)

A “one-stop place for everything” can be an effective way to communicate convenience to potential customers by highlighting that customers can get all their needs met in one place. Positioning can indeed help to create an emotional connection with customers by highlighting the time and effort saved by using the product or service.


1. Grab identified how best to reach young, digitally savvy consumers, who were their target audience, using its deep data insights.
2. The team then created campaigns and content tailored to each platform, from YouTube to Instagram, and ran them simultaneously to maximise reach and engagement.
3. Grab Attention → Relate → Position

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