How WeChat Mini Program and WeChat SEO work for e-Commerce

WeChat Mini Program 微信 小程序

WeChat Mini Program, a sub-app within WeChat ecosystem has over 600’000 mini programs published and 150 Million daily active users since launch (data source: WeChat Conference 2018 January).

Besides speed and a relatively low development cost compare to a full App, its product linkage within content is an enhanced feature that proven to speed up selling cycle. Here is Miss_shopping_li, a brief demonstration, showing how they attract readers to explore products without leaving their WeChat platform and eventually lead to sales (step 1-2-3).

This new function demands quality content with engagement value. Mini Program could be used in many ways from e-Commerce to gaming to third party content sharing, allowing brands to gain a much wider engagement space.

As WeChat Mini Programs grows, it becomes harder for users to locate brands on its platform. WeChat recently launch its WeChat SEO system. It is  now opened to verified WeChat accounts with trademark right and WeChat Pay. The algorithm is not fully unveiled, but existing engagement system using number of clicks, impressions, shares rate combined with keywords would be help in SEO ranking.

Since WeChat has never been the main search platform for users, WeChat SEO value is yet to be seen. Nevertheless, it is a helpful tool for users to search for Mini Programs.

Is WeChat coming to its peak? In reality, it has proven to be a convenient tool for communication. However, when come to engaging target audience,  Weibo, Meitu, DouYin and ‘XiaoHongShu’ seem to be doing a better job and the latter two are driving a lot of attention. Are you ready for the shift?

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