How WeChat can help you grow your China business

With 4 billion mobile phone users and a quarter from China, bringing your business mobile is no longer an option, but a requirement. How can WeChat, the most popular mobile app among Chinese consumers, help you grow your China business?

Before we move on, here are some information you need to know : Typical Chinese consumers’ online behaviour :

  • Once they  heard of a brand, the tendency to searching for information online is almost 100%. If the brand cannot be located online, they will begin to doubt its reliability and value.
  • Chinese consumers love to buy things online and do their research thoroughly.
  • They do not stop at website along, but go into comments from other sources to find out more about the company / brand
  • They are willing to try new things if they find the information trustworthy.
  • They to the same for travel plan, order meals, overseas and local purchase and anything that can be done online.
  • They believe in their social media network comments
  • They can influence sales among their social media network
  • Bulk purchase is very successful in China
  • Smart device is a common tool they use

Why do we look at China market

  • Huge population – if one group of people start buying a brand, a trend could be created without you even knowing it
  • Spending power – middle class is getting wealthier and more disposable income.
  • Goods of desire – Craving for overseas produce/services

Why WeChat 2013


807 Million mobile Internet subscribers with 402 million using 3G

China covers 24% of global smart device users

400 millions use WeChat and 150 million on SINA Weibo

WeChat is a mobile tool that provides Facebook, Instagram, Messaging, Purchase on one single platform and Weibo carries a Tweeter function. The two platforms compliment each other – Weibo is a great broadcasting channel and WeChat is now the most commonly used mobile app in China.

Social media does not rely solely on WeChat or Weibo, it is a holistic approach with a combination of SEO, Keywords, Forums, Geo & Target Ad.

Take a look at Burberry WeChat Show experience – shows how social media could create successful campaign.

Service providers and brands with storefront on Main Street or Online, in China or overseas, can now be broadcasted and recognized by Chinese consumers within shortest time. through online platforms and using social media as their brand booster. New brand (those new to China market) might not have the budget like Burberry, Through social media, It is able to grow its business from where it is and take advantage of this China wave – WeChat.

A good social media campaign through WeChat could reach out to hundreds thousands of audience within shortest time and a small budget. Retailers are attracting Chinese to patronize their stores from Milan to London and companies are promoting and winning partners through social media. So can you.

Contributed by : Sarah MM, who is currently the Director of Red Line, a company specialised in Social Media Marketing Solutions for China market. Sarah has had the experience in China business with names like W. Disney, Warner Brothers, Football league, Snoopy, Pucca, ZARA, Grift, BATA, La Rinascente, Conbipel and other European house brands. Her network and market knowledge have helped her venture into e-commerce business and using WeChat as the mobile marketing development tool for most brands. She can be connected at